New Year

So, have just returned back to work for the start of the year, have just spent the past week holidaying up at the Gold Coast with Grace, it was awesome.


We stayed at the QT (not the Q1!) where we had an ocean view that was spectacular. Some days were spent by the pool, when the weather was good.  Staying a week we managed to do quite a bit, on reflection!

– Haunted House

– Ripleys Believe it or Not!

– Seaworld

– Hired a fancy white Jeep Wrangler, and we now want one!

– Lounged by the pool

– Checked out the beachside markets, and Pacific Fair shopping centre

– Mini Golf x 3!


The Haunted House was great, there was a family that went in front of us, and they were hilarious, the kids were screaming and laughing and made it quite funny.

Ripleys was interesting, turns out I’m not the tallest man in the world (dang). Dad came down on Sunday, so did Tess! We had lunch at a pub down the road, then we went in the pool. Tess went back home that afternoon, Dad stayed in his van up the road a bit. On Monday, Grace and I decided on a whim to hire a car, a white Jeep! Which worked out well as we drove up to say bye to Dad, then decided we wanted to go to Seaworld, saved having to deal with public transport! It was a pretty rainy weather day so it wasn’t too crowded.


We ate at some really nice places, and we had buffet breakfast in the hotel every morning which was awesome.

The markets down by the beach were entertaining and managed to grab a few things from there. The Mini golf place we really wanted to go to was just next door to our hotel, which was great! They had an Ancient Egypt theme and a Jurassic Park themed course, plus an outside one which was apparently the harder of the three to do. It was pretty relaxing, just us two and doing whatever we wanted since it was our holiday! Looking forward to many more.

I’m sure there’s plenty of things I’ve forgotten that we did but my head is still in Holiday mode!


Quick Christmas recap too, Grace absolutely spoiled me and got me so many amazing gifts, she is quite seriously the best gal in the world. Don’t know what I’d do without her.


2015 is looking like a pretty top year for us, looking at places to move into up her way, Melbourne in July for the Roma/Real Madrid/Manchester City tournament, and Europe/UK/Ireland over 2015-16 🙂 I am very much looking forward to it!


Here she is sleeping, so gorgeous 🙂

(sorry luv!)




– T


P.S I love you very, very much Grace 🙂 You mean the world to me.




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