I originally discarded this image in its colour form. I started playing around with the black and white settings with it in Lightroom and decided to keep it. Despite all the chaos in this image with the fast movement of everyone else, this woman with her smile really stands out for me. The more I look the more I can’t help but smile with her.


No dull moments

I’m hoping to use part of this blog to write little moments to go along with some of the photos that I take. I wanted to share this one first. This is my step-dad, Keith, who over the years has taught me far too many dad jokes and is an outright cracker of a joke-teller.



We went into the city a couple of weeks ago to see Nick Earls talk about his new book, and I’d brought my camera because well, I try to keep it on me at all times now. We were heading back home and waiting for a train when I decided to take a few photos in the station. I took a couple of Keith without him looking, and when he caught me he asked what I was doing. I said “I’m taking your photo!”

He then preceded to pull this face and act like a right idiot. I get a lot of inspiration from this man and have him to thank for my love of photography, he’s an artist himself and always has big coffee table books of architecture and photography lying around. I wish I was half as creative as he is.








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